Welcome. I'm Chuck Mac...
I am a WordPress & WooCommerce developer.

11 November 2015

Introducing Analytics for CloudFlare

I have just released a new free plugin - Analytics for CloudFlare. This plugin connects to your CloudFlare account and allows you to view important analytics data right from your dashboard.
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05 November 2015

Switching Domains

I've made the decision to swtch the site domain from chuckmac.info to chuckmacdev.com. I found that people often got confused on the .info TLD and ended up not getting to the site.
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08 January 2015

Musings on 2015 Goals

With 2014 closed out and 2015 starting, I thought I would spend some time reflecting on some goals for 2015. Its always really inspiring to see other developers post their year end reviews and thoughts for the coming year, and I wanted to get some of mine down so I have something to review next year.
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20 November 2014

WooCommerce Sales By Location Report Version 1.1

I just released version 1.1 of the WooCommerce Sales By Location Report plugin. The plugin now allows you to export your report data in CSV format for easy manipulation / analysis.
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